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  • Daily Use for Enlarged Pores, Acne-prone skin for clearing Pimples, sunburn and hyperpigmentation
  • The RESURFACING TONER contains BHA 2% which gently bypass clog pores dissolves the mix of sebum and dead cells, stimulating collagen production revitalizing and plumping the skin.
  • The ANTI-OXIDANT TREATMENT works by killing the bacteria causing recurring Acne, pimples and breakouts underneath the skin. Which is the reason for people Re-experiencing acne for long periods leading up to years
  • In just 7 Days! Visible results are seen on the skin, the spot corrector that comes in the kit reverses the damage caused by hyperpigmentation without bleaching the skin.




Each pack of Advance  Mini Acnekit, Comes with a FREE Pack of Soap-free face wash that stabilizes the PH balance of the face and Reduces Excess oil production that leads to clogging pores.